Rob The Wannabe Hero

  • I live in a house at the end of the street
  • I was born on November 24
  • My occupation is Writer / Drawer
  • I am a person
  • Rob The Wannabe Hero

    The minute I heard it, I freaked. I had to go, mostly to check that the... erm... special thing I had begun to monitor since I've come back. That and my sister's power levels. Hey, I was careful. I made sure that her levels were stable before disappearing to my old home. I opened the screen door slowly and smelled the faint smell of vanilla. I smiled at the scent and proceeded to my old bedroom.

    It was painted a light cream color with posters that my dad handrawn of Sonic, Tails, and even Klonoa. My sister didn't know about it, and I meant to give it to her, but now it was something that just had to stay behind. I sighed and looked at the monitor on the desk. It started to freak out and the alarms went off.

    "Damn it! Why now?" I cursed under m…

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  • Rob The Wannabe Hero

    I twirled the scythe around when my sister left. I could tell she was like me, just to a lesser extent. The fact that that damn imitator made GTD force me to use AP pissed me off. "Why the hell can't they trust me?" I asked the rocks surrounding me. They responded with silence. I sighed and returned to my MP3 player. There wasn't anything on there, but the songs my sister picked out so I gave up. I heard the usual voice come to me again. Ah, so she's the eldest? I heard it ask. Yes... the one who awakened the youngest. I stood up immidiately. "Who the hell is there?" I yelled at the surrounding area.

    There was no one, but the voices resumed. You didn't tell me she could hear us. The one I knew said. The second, sighed. I didn't know... Anywa…

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