Please, keep what I post on this wikia only here. :l

I come to here, frantically writing what I do remember onto a word document in hopes that this will make it on here in time. 

I come to you bearing bad news, but maybe not to you, but it is to me. My suspicions were confirmed about the Tails Doll haunting me, seeking his payment in place of my sister. I did not know why, at least, not until today.

I was in my room, half meditating, and half sleeping, trying to focus on sleep. Then, a voice both childlike and demonic, rang out in the silence. I felt my heart stop as I recognized the voice to be none other than the dreaded doll. "Ah, it appears that the powers have been passed down to the next of kin..." it cooed, and it felt like it did not register with that dastardly menace that I was even conscious. It crept, or floated, a bit closer to me, and I could feel it's presence gnawing away at my very being.

It finally stopped, less than a foot away from me. I heard a low humming, changing in pitch every second or so. It was of a sorrowful melody, that reminded me of days that had once claimed the months as their own. I felt myself recoil as it inched a bit closer.

"I know that you have been awake, Rylee dearest."

I flinched at it calling me by my own name. "What is it that you want from me...?" I gripped the katana I kept in bed with me, hidden from the doll's view. I heard it's god-forsaken laughter ring out. "I have come with an offer, one that I offered you sister in the past, when her soul was trapped here," I glared at it through the rims of my glasses. 

"And that offer is, join my ranks, and we will rule the world."

I shook my head. "I shall never join demon-spawn like you."

"Ah, but what if the owner of the sword you now hold did?"

I gripped the katana even tighter, feeling it's invisible tentacles of madness trying to seep through my defenses in hopes of corrupting another. I fought back lightly, carefully perserving my strength. "As if he would ever do that. He would die before that would happen!" I summoned what power was stored inside the katana and condensed it into a small purple ball. I threw it at the damned doll and it dissipated.

"Ah, Rylee, you underestimate me..."

With that, ends the story. 

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