It seems as though it has been a while since I last visited. Many odd things have occurred, although I can say safely it is not caused by anything I have dealt with in the past. I often would chuckle to myself and curse out the supposed entities in my household, hoping to strike a wrong chord with them. For that rush of adrenaline that comes with dealing of a creature both of our world and not.

Now, that's given me some whiplash, but not enough to the point I have put myself in mortal danger. Scratch that, I've done that on numerous occasions.

Now, here's my theory on the "Master Souls".

Yes, I have been here long enough, and my sister has told me more than enough details about this place for me to understand the canon. Although...visiting the mental hospital as of recently gave me further insight and further validates my theory.

"...I don't believe that the number of MS [Master Souls] were correct. I believe that there are only 4. The Guardian, the Explorer, the Warrior, and the Beast," she then chuckled. "The Beast was supposed to be regarded as any one of the others, until insanity threw them down and killed their minds. Then, they would truly be an MS." she pointed to herself. "I am the Beast. I have fallen, and I can only control myself for short periods of time. Makes sense, don't it?"

She continued with stories from days long since gone. She laughed and eventually the hours of visitation were over.

However, this theory rang true in my head. I struggled to find a fault, but there wasn't one I could find. It was so similar to the ones of before. Just different.

What my sister said before I left is what scared me though.

"From the looks of it, you're the Guardian, not I."

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