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  • I live in a house forever shaded by the trees surrounding it.
  • My occupation is Writer / Drawer / Facedesker
  • I am derping around on social media as I usually do.
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    December 16, 2014 by Jay Soul Piano

    Please, keep what I post on this wikia only here. :l

    I come to here, frantically writing what I do remember onto a word document in hopes that this will make it on here in time. 

    I come to you bearing bad news, but maybe not to you, but it is to me. My suspicions were confirmed about the Tails Doll haunting me, seeking his payment in place of my sister. I did not know why, at least, not until today.

    I was in my room, half meditating, and half sleeping, trying to focus on sleep. Then, a voice both childlike and demonic, rang out in the silence. I felt my heart stop as I recognized the voice to be none other than the dreaded doll. "Ah, it appears that the powers have been passed down to the next of kin..." it cooed, and it felt like it did not …

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    October 31, 2014 by Jay Soul Piano

    It seems as though it has been a while since I last visited. Many odd things have occurred, although I can say safely it is not caused by anything I have dealt with in the past. I often would chuckle to myself and curse out the supposed entities in my household, hoping to strike a wrong chord with them. For that rush of adrenaline that comes with dealing of a creature both of our world and not.

    Now, that's given me some whiplash, but not enough to the point I have put myself in mortal danger. Scratch that, I've done that on numerous occasions.

    Now, here's my theory on the "Master Souls".

    Yes, I have been here long enough, and my sister has told me more than enough details about this place for me to understand the canon. Although...visiting th…

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    September 9, 2014 by Jay Soul Piano

    There isn't much to be said anymore. I've run out of time for naievety and negligence. The fact that I've become unable to defend myself, and only can resort to short bursts of fighting, is deplorable to say the least. As I struggle to find a way to fix the situation, one would think that someone, or something, would take advantage of this. Yet, it's stayed silent, and has been as methodical as the second hand on the clock.

    What is odd is how I've begun to lose more and more sleep as the year inches along. Though I can't exactly place the cause, I can assume it's from my whacked up sleep schedule, or it can be some other cause that I will now investiagate. 

    I don't want to move along with such a brash decision, but it's the only chance I hav…

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