I sat down, kicking my feet back and forth on the bench, patiently waiting. It had been a while, and Tristan was giving me weird vibes. "Why would he ask me what I would do if TD caught him...?" I pondered out loud. I pushed the question to the back of my head and brought out my notebook, that had archived all of the writings I had on an assortment of different sites. I casually flipped through the pages, and stopped at a blank page.

I stared at it for a minute, and flipped to the next page. What greeted me was not my own handwriting. I cocked my eyebrow and read the nearly unintelligible words. 'Isn't it about time I showed you what I can do, or are you to protective to allow me to do so?' I stared at the simple sentence. I had no idea how to react to it, nor did I know how the writing got into my notebook. I closed the notebook and ran through the people that could have seen the notebook in my head. A voice jolted me out of my ponderings, "Hey Rylee...?"

I looked up, to be met by the glance of Chris. "Oh hey man. What's up?" I faked a smile, as I usually do, and waited for an answer from him. "Uh...have you seen Tails or anyone around?" I tilted my head slightly and shrugged. "No. I'm actually waiting for someone to come..." Chris sat down next to me, leaning on the back of the bench. "You're dealing well with it, huh?" he attempted at a conversation, and I furthered it. "No, not really. I kinda miss him...I mean, I seriously do," I confessed.

He raised an eyebrow. "You cover it really well." I sighed. "Yeah. I'm used to hiding my emotions. No one needs to worry about me. I'll figure it out eventually," I offered my usual defense, that normally throws people off of my business, but that just goaded Chris into saying more. "No, Rylee. You need to get it into your head that it's not healthy for you to just bottle up your emotions out of fear of people thinking you're weak..." 

"I'm sick of being weak!" I shouted. Chris drew back a little, confused at my sudden outburst. I turned away from him and resumed. "I've never been strong, despite my desperate wanting to have it end. It eats away at me, and for once, I want to be the hero. But we all know I'm just some wannabe..." I choked on my own words. Damn it, don't cry... I thought. Chris took a jab at the issue at hand. "You're not weak. At least, you're pretty good..." he said awkwardly. I sighed and turned to face him. "I just don't want to ever have to face my own weaknesses again."

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