My first battle.

My heart raced with excitement as I prepared myself. As the enemy inched towards us, that's when it happened. The piercing headache. It came out of nowhere and it started to hurt to move. I dropped to my knees, holding my head with my hands. My vision started to darken and I was blind to my surroundings before long. The pain started to worsen and I so desperately wanted it to end.

I heard the voices again. I cursed under my breath. Not now... Let's see how well she copes with the transistion. one said. The other tutted. She's handling it worse than her sister. I attempted to stand, but I was brought to my knees again, with the pain renewed. At least she's got guts. There's no pain tolerance though. The first one sighed. She'll develop it with time. The second insisted. With that, my vision started to clear, and I could see everyone. I was embarrased. "I'm sorry that I was so weak," I said. I stood up, the pain nearly half of what it was before. It still hurt, but I was fine.