As much as I wanted to scream in horror at the sight of the devil, I felt my adrenaline race. I could finally fight someone. "You're going to enjoy hell GTD," I heard it taunt. I stared it down. "No one's going to hell today, you bastard," I boasted with confidence.

She can't fight him, she'll perish. I heard the first voice protest. The second one sighed. She would because of us. We need to let her use what she inherited. The first one gasped. She isn't ready! The second one tutted. She will never be ready if we don't let her use it. The first one sighed and I finally saw them. They were shadowy figures with their backs hunched over. The first one was the tallest, and it walked to me and patted my shoulder. We can let you fight with what was once yours. It said. For your destiny is the same as... the first one stopped in mid-sentence. It shook it's head and backed away.

They both disappeared and Satan stood in the same place. As if no time had passed. I smiled. "I get it now," I took out my sword and focused my attention on it. It started to glow blue, with a flame-like quality. "'member my name well. It's Rylee, and I'm the one who's gonna kick your red ass to hell!" I yelled, with my heart pumping even faster with excitement.

I slashed at him, all of my energy focused into that one slash. I jumped back, panting. "What the fuck are you?" he asked sarcastically. I twirled my sword in my hand. "Your worst fucking nightmare." I said. He summoned flames around me. Oddly, they didn't hurt. I felt the power of my blade start to falter and spike. I cursed under my breath. I couldn't last long. "Well, it's getting harder to control, so why don't I show you?" I bluffed. I couldn't show him, I'd kill myself if I even tried.

"What do you mean?" it asked. I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my head and I winced. The voices were yelling at me to stop. To not do it. "Looks like... I can't show ya... too bad... you would have liked it..." I felt my conciousness slipping. "Make sure to kick some ass for me you guys... I overdid it," I said before passing out.


Tristan stood in front of me. "You've been in a coma for a month because of Satan. Now TD's gonna come," he said. I nodded. "Let him come. I'll chop his head off." I said matter-of-factly. Tristan nodded and disappeared from view. Then, I heard the dreaded voice. "CaN yOu FeEl ThE sUnChInE?" It cooed. I turned to face it. "Learn how to say sunshine right and then we'll talk."