=WARNING Foul Language up ahead=
-You have been warned-

He was crying, and god damn it I wanted to help. But everything I tried only hurt him even more. I felt my cheeks flushed when I hugged him. "Don't cry... or else I'll start..." I managed. It felt so awkward, but I just went with it, ignoring my awkwardness. "You like me just like Rob right?" I heard him ask. My heart started to beat faster. Shit. I can't tell him yet, I'm not even sure of my own feelings. I thought. "Well, duh. 'Course I like you. You're my friend..." I facepalmed inwardly. I just friendzoned him, and I didn't even...

He smiled at me and hugged back. I sighed and let go. "Hey there's Amy!" I heard GTD say. I looked up to see Tails running and Amy chasing after him. If only Sonic was here, I'd laugh my ass off. I joked to myself. I got up and ran over to Tails, who was barely avoiding Amy's attempts. I stood between them. "You sick cunt... the fuck's wrong with you?"

I felt my anger grow, and the voices started up again. Calm down! Your fire isn't completely ready yet! One protested. "Shut up..." I said, my voice unaudible to anyone but me. It's going to consume your mind, and there'll be no going back! The second insisted. Fine. I won't. I threw fire instead, in short bursts so I wouldn't agitate the voices.

She eventually got taken by the devil, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I sat down calmly and just stared out onto the horizon. I'll eventually get it. Eventually.

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