I never thought I would have to fight my best friend. Never in a million years, would I think he would deliberately try hurt me. I wiped the blood from my cheek and stared him down, sizing him up. His size was similar to mine, so I thought it would be easy to overpower him, and vice-versa.

I closed my eyes and slashed at him, feeling my sword connect. He would never hurt me... This isn't Dusk... This is someone else, some other jerk to kill. With every slice, I held back from breaking down on the spot. Weakness gets you killed on the battlefield. That's what I learned. 

And I didn't want to die.

I no longer paid any heed to what was happening, it felt more like a dream than anything. He betrayed me, and I did everything for him... I even sacrificed my sanity. Yet here I was, fighting him like I would with any other typical enemy. I cursed myself in my head and eventually got him to stay on the ground. I fought back the oncoming tears and steadied my voice just barely. "You jerk... TD's a liar and you listened," I hate you, I choked on the last three words. They weren't true, yet I almost said them.

He disappeared and I felt a searing pain in my abdomen. Did he get me? I didn't see him hit me though... I thought before collapsing onto the ground, welcoming the dark.

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