Tails was losing control of himself more and more frequently. I still needed to train my body for the affects of AP, but... I suddenly got an idea. "Tails, come with me. I have an idea on how you can control yourself." I smiled slightly. Teaching him how to meditate would easen his mind, and I could train. Win - Win. He led me into his room and shut the door. We both sat down next to each other, and cleared our minds. Tails immediatly screamed, which snapped me back into the harsh reality. "I saw the devil..." he whimpered. I tried my hardest to console him, but I don't know if it worked. I heard a crash, and realized we were falling.

The part of the ship we were on collapsed due to the previous attack as I later found out. Tails protected me, and I let him. When we fell, I saw my vision blur, but as I shook it back and forth, it returned to normal. Tails was staring at me, blushing slightly. "Um... I think that you're wonderful..." he managed. I blushed fiercely and drew my hood to hide it. "U-um... I think you are t-too..." I choked out. He got up and walked away. I cracked my neck and walked the opposite direction. I heard Tails telling Shadow what he did, and I chuckled. "Trust me Tails... it wasn't too soon..."

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