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  • I was born on November 24
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    June 23, 2016 by Horizons are Limited

    How many months has it been...?

    It's been long enough, so maybe we should start with a story, one before the other occurs. It's needed to understand much of what occured, so allow me to tell it to you. How I managed to die, and then be revived.

    It was June of last year, and I was naive enough to believe everyone who joined my side was a decent person. I was never so wrong. Khristian, a "Pure Soul", had spoken to me. He acted scared, despite having four years more of life experience than I. He wanted me to join him. Naturally, I agreed, thinking it'd be easier. Of course, I was wrong. The answer why comes up later.

    We had lead our first defeat of the tulpa that was created, and many rejoyced. I hadn't, meekly claiming that it was but a tulpa. …

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    April 9, 2015 by Horizons are Limited

    Tender, are my footsteps, as I slowly investigate the dreamworld I had been thrown into. It's odd that, as though the world looks as if it were underwater, I move just fine.  I silently reach for my sword, but find that all of my weapons have...disappeared. Cursing underneath my breath, I slowly smoothe out the shirt I am wearing, and tighten the scarf around my neck. I didn't question my current style of dress though, as I found I had a mild liking developing to it.

    I came across a large, decrepit castle, and as I journeyed closer to it, the more I begun to get a taste of the aura emenating from the place. It was choking me, almost, and it was torture to keep on moving. Yet, something compelled me to keep moving forward. What it was, well,…

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    Perhaps I am losing my mind. It would make sense, seeing as the patterns towards it are there. I guess that's besides the point, isn't it? Well, this isn't as riveting as I'd hope it to be, but it's a vague summarization.

    Is it odd, that I see a female fox in my dreams? Brown fur, red eyes, and always wearing a small smile? I cannot interact with her, as it seems that...I don't possess the means of it just yet. I feel like I need to do something, but what it is, it escapes my reach.

    She is always doing the same thing, as she appears as a sort of commercial in between my blurred dreams. Compared to the other ones, this one felt genuinely...real. I'm not scared by the fact that seeing an anthropomorphised fox stylized similar to a young teenag…

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    Test 2.

    March 11, 2015 by Horizons are Limited

    It was of no surprise to me that I was able to leave the house so quickly, after that doll had corrupted Sircha. With what, I would not strive to find out until I was far away from that place. I would have to come back later, though, to check what the other rooms had in store. Surely a room with just a grandfather clock that had ceased to function when it begun to annoy me meant something. Perhaps my realm of manipulation was growing to fit a different persona than what I had planned for.

    With that said, I booked it to my house. I noted that it was past midnight, which was quite odd, as I ventured to the house at 9 pm, and should have only stayed for maybe half an hour. "More odd time anomalies...?" I muttered, now even more surprised as to…

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    March 11, 2015 by Horizons are Limited

    Tick. Tock.

    A lone grandfather clock stands in the far right corner of the room. For whatever purpose it served in this room, other than to tell the time or for decoration, I did not know. For what purpose I was here, too, was unknown to me as well. "Odd," I spoke aloud, "that I am to be in a room of no purpose other than to tell the time."

    "Ironic," my own voice echoed in the room, "that it is what I have dominance over, supposedly."

    Silence followed afterward, and I smirked a bit, realizing the grandfather clock had stopped moving. "Time has stopped for me. Odd, how I never asked it to, but wanted it to. Now I am stuck in a room, to which I know not of it's purpose or worth. Is it a testament to who I am, or a mocking of me?" I proceeded to…

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