if you want to find me dont do it i im already dead? i hade video casets in my basement the names where my friends names? i played the first one. it was a hms persone. he hade a black shirt and golden botunes on it my friends name was jorge the ms smiled at him and gived him a mask and stuked it on his face the mask had no face and jorge tried to screame but when he did the mask got straped on his head even more then jorge fell dead i was sad and scared at the same time? the second one was my female friend named sarah. the same sm looked at her and runed to her sarah runed too but the sm got her and cuted his back? then sarah died? then the sm punched the camera man? and the film stoped. i was shaking in panick when i heard a knock on the door and i fond a video caset with my name on it i burned that caset? and i got to bed. when i woke up i was close to a pool with this sm he said you shoud have watched that caset? and then he said youve met with a terible fate havent you. the sm and one last thing wright this story on my ipad? i did it and now he will drown me? 

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