Impossible Piano Song - Death Waltz (U.N03:34

Impossible Piano Song - Death Waltz (U.N. Owen Was Her?)

first of all listen to this song beacos thats what i heard in the majoras mask game i hade! i bot it from a yard sale.

the man was tall and was wearing a green chirt and brown pants? his name was jorge!  he gived me the game for 70$ so i tock it and played it  thers was no save files? i was surprised that no one played the game!

but i still wanted to play it. the game started with link in the stone tower but that was not the normal begining! then i saw a text on the wall that said you are dead! then link died for no reason and then i was back to the title scrren! me: wtf was that i said i restarted the game and there was a save file caled. you beter run! i was tromitized but i still played! when i played againe there was a run sign! i did run and i fell in a firer pit! and link burned! then the game froze! then i blacked out! i woke up in the hospital the nurse said that someone shot me with a gun! and i hear that piano song everytime!

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