ok this story is fack ok but im sure your gona injoy it? It wase midnith i disided to play the livin in the citie song for some reason? Then i saw a man in the miror that looked at me? I tock a look but there wase no one? Then there wase that shadow in the mirror the mirror started to move and the man touched me?  The mirror wase destroiyed? The song of unheling was playing?  In my head i shuted off my pc? But there wase the good tails doll in my pcs screen i tried to close the pc but nothing hapend the man was watching my back? I herd someone saiying watch out? Then the good tails doll got out of the scren everithing began to fall? Books, My pc, And my tv, the ligths want off i herd somebody drowning? I got a look and i saw a ded body in my pool then i told good tails doll what he wanted he said that he wanted me for the apocolips? I said NO? Ben was trieng to cache me but i said go away? Ben transformed in a grey cat. I said go away to the good tails doll and he desepired? I woke up but. The grey cat is real and he is watching me?