Ok, this was just weird and freaky. when I went to bed last night, I noticed the red light on the TV was on. That ment it was still running. I decided to leave it and sleep. when I fell asleep, I could swear I saw my Sonic plush looked a little scared, yet worried. a little while later, I was dreaming. I was home, alone, because my family was doing something I didn't want to do. then, TD came in through the window! instead of trying to kill me, he faced me and said: "do you want to play some Wii?" I was freaked out, but I said sure. we played a little Sonic Unleashed, and every time Tails appeared on the screen, TD would say in a funny voice: "DIE TAILS!" and start punching the screen. whenever it was his turn, he did pretty good, considering he had no fingers. when I woke up, I screamed. there was TD right next to my bed! he said in a mysterious voice: "Thanks for the good time!" then vanished. i looked at my Sonic plush and saw that each of them were frowning. then, when I got downstars, I could sense TD's presence. even though he wasn't there physically, he was there...... 0_

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