did you watch your time? did it ever got bakwards? that was the god of time to see him you must let the time go bakwards? then youle apear in the future? the place you live in will be destroiyed? but you need to be brave! you will see a child he will take your hand and guide you into a forest? there will be the slenderman! don't look at him. the kids will try to make you see him? but puch them off. then the slenderman will be gone! so as the kids. but one kid that looks like ben drowned will go sit on a briked chair? Ben drowned will say Drown this? you need to drown a baby chimp to get an important object! if you run ben will drown you! if you drown the chimp you will apear in the water! get out as fast as you can! if you stay you will drown. if you get out you will see a clock take it then walk away. you will have 1 out of 3 objects!