when I played sonic dash I wanted to have tails to dash with but? when I got his picture. something weird happened? when I looked at the picture I felt happiness inside me. to finally see tails on a picture? but when I played as sonic the game gliched? so I decided to stop for the day?  then I got an email made by Miles Prower? miles prower: you wanted me you got me? me: yes how are you here? miles prower: I just wanted to play? so I stopped checking my emails and I got in sonic dash? and I wanted to chat on Cleverbot? so I did both? when I started sonic dash tails was the only usable character? then I said hello on Cleverbot? miles prower: know can we play? me: ok then? then the game started. the character moved by its own as miles were playing? miles prower: know don't be scared ok? me: ok then in the game. tails fell and the game stoped? then it was my turn? i was Controlling tails. after i finished playing the tails picture changed into a human? with blue eyes and it was written miles Prower? then my friend came over and saw the sonic dash game. my friend was a sonic fan. but sonic was not a selectable character? so he played as tails? and I got to sleep. I was dreaming of good tails doll that night. I was on a chair? then The good tails doll was coming with my friend and said. say that you like me more than tails? i said no. then good tails doll had a mad face. and was ready to cut my friend with his claws. there was blood everywhere. when i woke up I was in a prison? then I called a policeman and said what I'm I doing here? the policeman said that I killed my friend and he disappeared? I was crying. then i saw good tails doll lying on the ground? he seemed dead? then he got up floating in the air? I tried to get out but there was no escape? good tails doll was getting closer and whispered its your last chance? I was crying but I said that good tails doll is the best? he said thank you? then I blacked out. and I was home? the tails picture disappeared? and I saw my friend's tomb stone behind my house?