when we got out of the machine we where in my house again? good tails doll: help me? tails: ok know gtd has a good side too? so we opened the door and we saw gtd siting on a couch. we aproeched him and he talked about the dark soul? then the dark soul pushed good tails doll and said: YOU STUPIDE KID? he started folowing ous? we where runing upstaires. there was toopie and binoo with axes watching use? there was sad dog slenderman and more? we got downstairs and looked the door. good tals doll: i got the pure souls with me? but there was one that was mesing? i figured out that i was the last one? so we got to the creepypasta monsters? so i said to gtd to open his body. he said yes but are you sure? i said yes. so he opened his body and there was ligth? so many lights that every dimons disepired and know i don't want to know more?

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