tails feinted for 1  minute? then waked up tails: was i asleep? me: yes?  tails: ho no i didn't control the machine?so we where in the Toopie and Binoo world. tails: where are we? me: i don't know? then Toopie walked on me with an axe and said: ho blood real blood? tails got out two guns and shoot Toopie but he missed? Toopie: want my axe. hahahah? tails shooted again and got him? Toopie fell to his death? then the black soul got of of Toopies corps? dark soul: CoMe In HeLl? tails: no i won't. than the black soul goted out a sword and cuted everithing tails runed and i did too so we got out of here the machine stoped working and smashed on the ground.