i saw a dimone that looked dark? it felt cold? he wants your soul to insleve it? but yeh one night i heard a voice in my head saiying dark soul dark soul dark soul? i said it out loud and it was a bad idea? i heard a demonique voice that said YoU CaLeD Me? i panicked and runed away. i heard tails voice tails: come here quick?  me: where are you? tails: im in the basement? i heard the dimon again dark soul: Be My SlAvE? then i saw good tails doll but his eyes was red and he had claws? he said: why is he inside me? then he started running towards me? i runed and i saw a door that lidded to the basement? i opened it and i saw a lab full of machines? like planes ect. then i saw tails he said tails: why did you called the dark soul? me: his name was in my head? tails: do you still hear it? me: yes. tails: hers a vitemine it will get the name out your head? and it worked gtd opened the door and ran tuwards us again tails: come in this machine youl'e be safe in there? so we got in and the good tails doll had time to cut tails body but tails was still alive he was bloody tails: OMG that was close? then we got in another dimension?