ok there was that new tv show that is about tails but its not all about tails? so here is the first story of this season?  the first tv show in this chanel was  it was a kids show that had 10 season?  it was a green apple with feet and armes and hands? it wasnt holded by a stick. the first episode was caled's friend. it started with him having fun with children. but then a kid cried and wanted to know what was wrong? are you ok.  the kid: i lost my toy? il go find it for you.  the kid: thank you.  then the credits was showed? i didn't know what hapened in the next part? the credits scroled? but when i restarted the episode. it didn't cut!   the rest of the episode was curing the kid. but why wasn't it there beafor! then i fond the second episode it was vs happy appy! i was scared of this beacos happy appy is a masacer

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