did you ever seen tails dieng in a sonic movie. well it got on air for a week than completely vanished. the show started with a realistic sonic! he looked real! he was runing from amy! then he hided in tails house! what are you doing said tails. im hiding from amy said sonic. tails looked at sonic with a scared look and said amy is insane? then sonic was scared and told tails what he did tails said amy killed my parents sonic was scared but he was tired too. so he got to sleep. tails got a shot gun from his basemant and guarded his house!  when amy intered tails shot her but mised! amy was geting closer to him he needed to get more amo! but amy was bloking him so he tried to escape? but amy barackeded every exit door? so he wanted to jump from a window and fly out? but tails was stuck with amy and said what did you do to sonic amy said i did the same thing that im going to do with you tails was backing up saiying no don't do it then amy got closer to tails and whispered its a long time i didn't do it  amy pushed the realistic loking tails on the bed and toke a hammer! amy hited tails with the hamer three times tails was paralized! he said calmlie what do you want amy laughed and got closer to tails! he got his hands on tails and no i can't say it its to discusting! ok il say it they did sex! tails shouted NO STOP THIS but it wasn't coming from the tv it was coming from upsters i got up stairs and i fond a naked girl runing outside my house! when i got in my rome i fond tails! destroiyed  body. i think tail's house was mine! i almost caled the police! but tails was stile alive and he said please don't call them or they will get me to a laboratorie i said How can you be alive tails was imortal but he stile felt the pain. so i was serching for his regeneretione robot i fond it outside and tails was normal againe but he stay'd with me im hiding him and the chartoon vanished forever.

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