i believe in tails now ? after i saw that tv show with him?  it started when i wanted to watch hacked sonic episodes?  i was in walt disney-world i was in my apartment? and the tv showed a show that i never heard of? it was made by walt-disney pictures? then there was the sega logo and then there was the title? i was exited to finaly find a sonic tv show fituring tails?  but walt-disney didn't now about tails? but i dodn't care? the movie started with tails in his plane. he was flieng and then his plane got out of gase? so he fell in an ocean.  he was moved to the island. it was actuelie in treasure islend?  then there was the king of the island? tails: hello who are you? the king: i im the king of the island? so tails got up andsaid if he coud have a laboratherie to make things? the king did it? so tails was doing another plane? but the plane coud not fly? so tails desided to stay? then i saw the house i was when i was a kid? tails got in the house and both it? i said my old childhod house? maybe they just toth that this house was beutifull? so they filmed it i said to miself? then a voice coming from the tv said you are right? me: who are you? the voice: i im tails? me: no you can't be real? tails come in magic kingdome to know the truth? after the tv show i got in magic kingdom?