hello today im going to make a document of tails im telling you he is not a fictional character? hes a real fox that sega saw and then placed in the sonic games? some of my friends saw that two tailed fox? building a house? but they tried to now more about tails but he had bombs and daemons? one day my friend saw a man with two foxes next to him? the man caled my friend? the man: hello why are you scared of me? my friend: beacos your always watching me? the man:beacos i im realy interested in humans? my friend: do you have a true form? the man: i cant tell you? my friend: why? the man: beacos humans will be scared? my friend got in prison beacos the police fot that he was crazy? my last friend saw a two tailed fox with red light outside of him his chairs moved by themselves and the table fell ? the two tailed fox got closer to his house and the lights flickered and other things was moving but the two tailed fox desepired? he is described as a orange fox? but sometimes his yellow and has red eyes when hes orange he has blue eyes in humane form he has a black shirt and two foxes?

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