2 yers erlier some people desepired with strang evidens? some where strange snikers or some fox skin?  that night when i was sleeping i dreamed of somebody watching a movie about tails but? it was in a dark place with a kid walking? then there was that voice but it was soft the kid seemed scared? then there was that blue light in the darknes the kid felt sad? then the kid died? when i woked i saw that fox that had two tails but he was to dark? all my sonic games desepired? then i herd my door knoking then i saw an fbi agent i got a report of a killer?the fbi egents disepired my friend came and acted weird he talked about a doll he said im i you there was another voice that was like in my dreame said your scared? my friend turned his head to me he hade black eyes with a dimond on his head he was bloody i punched her and i got in the usa there was that house with a sonic game but it was tails on the cover? i said ho a tails game when i played it tails seemed infront of me he was faster sonic was slow maybe it was a glitch this game was sonic heroes tails cept going faster then we where in some water the knukles said what is that? then tails fell in a hole then the game crashed. i see tails evriwhere and gtd is not here enimore?