when i got to walt disney i saw that black cd with mickey mouse lost episode writhing on it in whit! i got in my hotel and watched it on my cd reader. i only saw static for 20 minutes straith but finaly it began. i remembered the old mickey tv show il show you a clip. so it was a prety dark cartoon but the cartoon i saw was even more morbid it was in colour beacos it wasn't made that long ago i guesse. the title said suicide mouse 2 as i thought that it was the suicide mouse creepypasta parody. but it was not. there was mickey walking in towntown when sodently everyone in tooontown was speaking together it almost broke my ears mickey looked even more tired of the sonds. the next scene was mickey baby siting babys every baby was crieng mickey standed up the staires and feel on each of them the next scene was mickey with a saw in hand he was crieng then he cuted his body and was bleeding from the mouth and died i was crieng after this
Mickey Mouse Cartoons - The Mad Doctor (Best Quality)06:37

Mickey Mouse Cartoons - The Mad Doctor (Best Quality)

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