i was searching through my computer for old episodes of spongebob and some giberish link i found the following giberish: akladsjaoao4If

it linked me to site with a black background and the same texr

i mean text having not asingle clue what a meant

i clicked it file wanted to be downloaded was spongecry.avi big mistake my computer made the weirdest sound ever and turned off

it must had destroyed it as up set as i was

i realised i was on my old PC

when spongebob played his nosethe title card "spongecry.avi"

showed up

the color was distorted it lasted about 2 in a laf it showed spongebob

sitting in his chair strange thing was all fernicher was gone

spongebob was crying

very hard it sounded like a real human cry

spongebob got out of his chair gary was deadthe cammera was movving around like crazy

he got out of his chair he ran into the wall his mouth exploded and he let out a diffinetly loud scream you can see spongebob runing again in the static

spongebob was sitting in his chair

he was even more decayed

the sound got a little more distorted but for the last 4 seconds one timed action will beddadly exactly like a preschooler drew it.

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