warning this storie  has bad words? one day a sonic fan wanted to play a secret sonic game he had every sonic games? except the sonic game? this video game had onlie one copie that was givin to this player? it was on the sega entertainment system? so he played the game. the sega logo appeared but there was a crieng sound that played when the logo was on? then the games cutsen started a voice said. why did you do that? then sonic speared in the darkness? he said why are you playing this? then there was tails voice? that said il abuse you? then the games title apired. sonic and tails was on screen? the player pressed start and the game started sonic was scared? but he still was runing but tails was folowing him with a shotgun? tails shoted severel times but always miside sonic? so he throwed a bomb on sonic? but miside. when sonic finished the level tails shoted him with a gun he got his leg? knukles apired out of no where and punched tails? tails was knoked out?

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