hello the secret of sonic x it all started when there was the first episode when there where trieng to stop egman but the machine broked well i have stories about that it coud be tails that hacked his machine with his world? too finely get sonic out but everione got in the machines world but the episode began with tails inside the house he maked the humanes he invented this world? how did he do it i dont now? sonic came and said what hapened tails said that he hacked the machine? to make a world sonic: why tails? tails didnt said a thing? the screen cuted to black and changed episodes it was the baseball episode? but the characters where biger? so tails was crashing in to the stadiume witch was not in the normal episode tails still moved Tails: im sory i just crashed?  there was good tails doll? in that stadiume gtd: what did you do? the screen fade to black and changed to the cosmo when he suicides episode? tails looked frusterated he tried to kill cosmo in the ship but failed. cosmo talked to knukles and tails had enof so he throwed cosmo in space and punched him? tails strangeled him and cosmo died at the and tails shooted cosmo and the evil planet? then the movie got statick for 2 seconds but still was statick in the bakwonrd it had an episode playing it was tails runing but egman apired and shoot him with a gun tails sufered i was feling creeped out on that moment then sonic comed sonic: ho no dont die your the creater? tails: im sory but everi one dies? tails skin was with and he died then the video laged frozen i tried to repair the cd but there was that blue screen the dvd didnt work on my tv enimore but it does work in my pc but sonic x is not for kids now 

ps. i serched that movie thru out the internet and i fond nothing? but it will be on youtube? if you see that episode let me now?