I have a been a Sonic fan for quite some time, I still am. This happened around the time I was 5, in 1994.

I had just been dropped off from school at my bus stop, which was about two blocks away from my house. I noticed a small box at the corner off my block, as I got closer, I noticed it was swarming with flies. I opened it up and I couldn't believe it! It was a Sonic plush toy!

I took it out of the frail box, threw it into my Sonic the Hedgehog back-pack and rushed home to show my parents my amazing find.

My mother greeted me at the door, but got a weird look on her face when I unzipped my back-pack. I took out the doll and showed it to my mom, with a proud look on my face. My mom screamed and practically fainted when she saw the toy, she told me to get rid of it. Why was she acting so strange?

I decided to keep the doll hidden, as my parents were very upset with the doll. I didn't see why they didn't like it, it was in great shape, cutest thing you ever saw, and they knew I loved Sonic. I ignored the confusion and enjoyed the doll.

But as the weeks passed, the doll started to smell, he became very flimsy, as if his arms were about to just fall off, his pupils disappeared, he lost his smile, and his fur started to fall off.

My parents would eventually find it, due to the smell being so strong, so I did what had to be done. I threw the doll into a small pond near our house.

I visited my parents about a month ago, I helped them clean out the attic. We found a rather large box labeled:


When my mom opened it up, she just lost it, she cried and shouted at me. My father gave me a dirty look, handed me the box, and made me leave.

What went wrong? well this storie was strang with the part of the doll losed his fur witch is strang. he fond the doll in a box with flys i wont touch that actuelie? at the and he throwed the doll in a pond why wont he throw it in a trash-can? let a coment if you have things to say?