a player that was a sonic fan bot a sonic heroes game this player was a hacker too but the cover of the game was dark and there was tails and sonic where was knuckles? there was that title the game was named sonic heroes v.2? the player fot that it was a hacked game but he still played it everything was normal in the title screen there was knuckles? tails: we have the full knight? sonic: OK but why is knuckles white? tails: i have that pile knuckles? then tails took the piles and gives it to knuckles? then the player started playing? the gameplay was OK except that the computer seemed like real players? then there was a video of tails getting in his plane? then the player played with that plane? sonic: your getting close? tails: yes i can see him? then the player shooted the boss 6 times? then tails got in the ship and blasted throw the final boss the player controlled him again each time he hited the boss the musique got faster and then Eggman faled to his deth then sonic said knuckles died?