i thought he was creepy at this time but i wanted to now the truth so the next day of scole i saw Miles and i followed her but he saw me Miles prower: what are you doing? Samuel: well i wanted to know you more? so he showed me his laboratory? there was two foxes diamonds and planes? when i was in class my teacher had these black eyes so i was backing up? then Miles came and punched my teacher? he transformed into a two tailed fox? there was a huge ciment cube that fell infront of me? Samuel: who trowed this?  there where stairs falling? water everywhere what badluck? but there was a hole that was to big to jump over Samuel: do you have a plane Miles? tails: call me tails ok and yes i do? he toke me and jumped then he flied like a helicopter and we got outside?   and got in his lab we started the plane? and got out of there? so know im in another scole that has no badluck and i have a good life?