i im Samuel mike and i like my scole. but my scole is now haunted? my friends are in the hospital for 6 months? you want to hear the storie of how my scole had bad-luck. well it bigan with me preparing myself to scole. but i mist my bus? again so i runed to my bus but i didn't get it? it was too fast. everyone was launching at me? Samuel: you guys are so evil? when i was in the scole i was tired so i fell? and a teen girl came to save me? named Gabriel. Samuel: thank you? Gabriel: your welcome? then Gabriel looked at me with his blue eyes and brune hair? and he got away? i didn't now what to do so i got in class? then our teacher was scared of something? my teacher: today we will talk about how to save drowning people? i was not interested in that? then a book fell off of the desk? it was a book about saving drowning people? the teacher took it first. he said not to tuch it? when it was diner a man came whit some-kind of machine? i tried to ask who was he but he desepired? when i got home i heard voices close to my pool? i got closer and i fond a little boy? the boy: why didn't you save me? Samuel: i don't know you? then the kid smiled at me? and vanished? i had a dream that knight about someone transforming into a fox with two tails. and that wanted to help me? i woke up. Samuel: IM LATE?  but it was night still? i saw that boy again? he was siting he was getting closer too me and said SAVE ME? then i woke up? Samuel: two dreams in a row? then i saw my bus. but there was no one in it? i got in and i saw Gabriel in the bus? he said that he was ded? i touched him but my hand got throw him? i panicked? the driver: calm down your in the ghost bus here? i was myself with gabriel's soul? i arrived at the scole there was that mysteries man again but he teled me his name it was Miles prower? then he was gone again? i teled my teacher about Miles? teacher: i don't know him? i think he was lieng? then  Miles prower talked to me and he said that hes a fox?

to be continued?