SCAREDY CAT. THE MASKED CRIMINELS. when I got the ghost radar program something very creepy happened? I'm jack by the way and I have blond hair. and yellow eyes. my father told me that ghost radar was fake but now I think its real? it all began when I was at home. when I started ghost radar. Leathers appeared on the bottom right corner? it sa where coming fast? then red dots appeared. there was 5 red dots on the radar? Getting closer and closer. and there were fast? I shouted and ran to my father? my father: hahahaha. jack: what? my father: ghost radar is fack? jack: no its not? after we talked about that. my iPad had numbers on it and there was a voice? the voice: we will get you. we will poison you. and you won't escape. then I felt tired and some kind of poison came out of the opened window? then some piros came with their entire poisun masks and shoot everywhere with guns? I jumped in the opened window and I got out of the house? and I got in my friend's house? when I was there my friend was dead? jack: IL take my revenge? then I saw my parents. jack: you're alive? my dad: yes we are?     jack: how did you...  but sondentlie the masked criminal crashed into the door? and there eyes Become red? then  I heard them launch? and their eyes started to get bloody? I runed to the exit but the exit door was blocked? and i heard there lunches? so I got to the toxicated exit. I closed my nose with my fingers. they had knives and guns and poison gases? then they fell on the stairs. they were shouting? and there masks fell off. there was Jeff the killer and Laughing Jack? the other ones were gone? when they where unconscious I called the police? the police arrested them. but outside I saw the others running? and next to them there was the slender man?