One day there was that horrible CD about tails. I kept remembering it. as the wind blowed and the sky was dark ? We hadn't seen this CD that was called TAILS number 67? Tails DVDs didn't exist as  they didn't seem edited? When the CD started there was a song about tails playing? The title began? The CD started. The main story was tails walking. With poor graphics? then there was the sonic 2 theme song playing. but it played by piano? The song was messed up? then the screen turned to black for 1 hours? Then there was that voice that talked. it said you will never see the world as the same. you will see me in real life for long last. the snow shall fall and shall god? So that you can understand the fear that's coming to you? This voice was in my head saying the same thing? Then the screen returned back with realistic looking cities? and a really realistic fox with two tails? That flied off in the cities? there was that man with a with shirt. that said run away now or you will see the true man? I felt pain on my back? Then that voice said the same thing? Like in the beginning? Then tails desepired? Then there was that with man again infront of my house? I looked outside and saw the man? Then the movie continued with tails walking on the rode saying this. i im going to find the man? Then i herd knocking? It was that with man? he said that the fox is coming? Then there was a fox on my couch. i didn't want to approach it? But he Talked to me he said. to tell every one about this.  but now you need to say this to make the fox apire? when the ski is dark? And snowy. The fox may call god?