that game changed my view of pokémon it was a game that i fond on sale for 20 box it shoud had been free. the cartridg was red writhin pokémon blood red in black. there was no license by nintendo on that game i played it with my FC twin its somekind of nes so the title screem was the title in red driping blood! the game started with profeseure oak giving me a pokémon but there was only one the pokémon seemed week it was a pikachu. so i tock it and profeseure oek said "its week but he's alive" so i got out of the lab in the outside there was mpc's and houses the village was caled rose town! the mpc's were looking sad and they said "get out of this cursed city" what did he mean yes the city was foggy but it dosn't mean that its cursed but i descovered why i got into the grass to catch pokémon i got a ratata he was week too but he hade red eyes and a cuted tail! i was discusted at the looks of the ratata. my pikachu used thundershock on the ratata and i ceught it. 
Week ratata

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