one day I'm going to film it? I'm going to show how brutal it is to kill villagers in minecraft? this village had tomb stones? with names like jack and it had 3 villagers only 3? they were staying in their houses i was in peaceful. I touched a Villiger he said help us we are doomed? then I heard someone cut a Villiger? when I got out there was no one? I saw a wool passage. i I burned it and entered i saw another tombstone and a red and black passage way? there were two metal doors and there was a table and two villages I heard voices say let's get out ok? no we can't I have some kids you know? then I got out? but the village was burning? and there was a sign that said abandoned by Notch? i maniged to get out. when I came back the village wasn't burning it was normal so I looked the place? so that no one playing in survival can go in there?