one day after i saw the max and ruby 0004 creepypasta i fond an email writhin by your black devil.  it said that a max and ruby dvd was coming i didn't trust that persone but it did come. i thought i was in the 0004 episode but i was wrong when the episode started max was walking on the street but ruby was not on the scene max stoped at a tombstone in the name of ruby. i was choked to see that ruby died the credits did not show. it was cuted with another episode the other one hade the originale title with the names but they where writhin in reverse the song was glitching up! the episode started with ruby sleeping. max opened the door of her room and max hade black eye sockets and well just watch the picture it apeared for a split second 
Max 0000 2
yeah it was writhin your turn then max burned ruby! the rest was statick with the intro playing. but the creepiest episode was the last one max and ruby's bunny scouts were camping. ruby told a story of the demon rabit. "maybe the show got normal" but i was wrong the story was about a posesed rabit that eats more rabits after ruby said that a N***** rabit with red eyes started to eat rubye's friends max and ruby tried to get out of the forestbut the the demon was blocking them max and ruby looked terified beging to be in peace. ruby: max hang yourself when i heard this i was frozen. then ruby said IL DO IT MISELF ruby punched max a few times and hangned him i codn't move after that sine then ruby jumped into a pit and the demon was gone my tv shuted hitself off after this. but i remember beafor i throw the dvd away i saw this from the screen of my computer
0000 6 2

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