Hello heres an interesting story i once saw a game disc lieng on the grond it was rithin knightmere game! when i played the game on my pc it was glitching but it still worked there was no title screen. i saw the majoras mask for a split second! then the game begined i was playing as mario! the backrond was so dark that i coud see my reflectione mario walked silently when sudently the devil apeared he had with eyes and black clothes. mario was croching will i was not touching the arow keys then mario was kiled but in only one hit! then i heard a voice saiying remember your knightmeres? i do remember some of them but why ask? this time i was playing as a whith eyed dimon?  there was other dimons walking behind me they had red eyes. they got me in an edge i coudn't do enithing so i jumped in spikes got throw my character black blood was showed! why was it black blood i had no idea. then a mesage apeared it said you may call b..? i thought it said ben but the message vanished right after. then the next level was a viruse the viruses name was HAVING FUN. jpg it was a picture of mario's skull! i shut my computer and got to sleep. i dreamed of satan hurting me with variuse death traps. i woke up at 11:00 pm i was a long time asleep. i was bord and i continued the game. the game changed to sonic 3. the character selectione screen was normal except the bakrond it had firer and darknes.

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