jack the stalker is stalking you? you just don't see him. he his like the humane form of the good tails doll? no one notices a ting? so on the story gorge was on a vacation  the first day the radio said (stay in your house thers a stalker that escaped) gorge was scared but he wanted to go outside but his father didn't let him beacos of the stalker. in the second day the father of jorge had a strange beahevier  he was always watching jorge at knight? and jorge had got good tails doll knigthmers? day 3. jorge saw the stalker smiling at him with a humane smile? but his eyes where not humane? they where red and black? and his clothes where with? and black. like the prisoners outfite? he was standing there. jorge ran but the stalker folowed him? jack: come child i need you? jorge got in his house in time? but a tails doll was waiting for him siting? Good tails doll: i see your father is folowing you? jorge: who are you? Good tails doll: im your savior? i im your other father? jorge: who is the killer it can't posiblie be my real father? Good tails doll looked sad? Good tails doll: im afraid he is? then the good tails doll touched jorge and jorge ddisepired? he was never fond but jack the stalker? he coud be next to your house? and i think good tails doll is coming?