i fond that person one day. he was black? and he had red eyes? he was staring at me. then he showed me his teeth and said. HoW Do YoU SeE? i runed away? when i was at my house i blocked everything? but that demonique voice talked again? it said ThE DeViL Is NeAr? i was crieng at this figure in my head? it was the same as the one i saw. he was speaking to me and he was hurting me? in my head? then their was a knock on the door when i opened it there was that dvd of Dora? it was called. you jerk? when i played the dvd there was a warning. it said dont watch this. or he will kill you! then the movie started with Dora  talking with a really stupid voice. Dora: WHAT IS IT BOOTS SCARED hohoho? boots: shut up? Dora: what your gonna have diaria wafuls? then Dora smiled at boots? and the screen went black? dora got his back pack and toke a blow torch? Dora: HEY ENJOY? boots locked at Dora. then Dora stabbed boots on the face? and started to lafe. Dora: HAHAHAHAHA?

then the black man apired. and touched me? he was lafing at me and said. IM SATAN IDIOT? the man desepired! and i didn't see him again?