his my demon you have one too you just don't see him yet maybe you saw him when you where a baby. but one day youle see him againe you dreame of a dark figure geting closer to you whispering "look at me" you wake up whit a shadow vanishing! you start to get violent emails such as bulie mesages. and disturbing videos of people dieng! then you starte having deseases like puking and violent behavior. then you starte seing a black figure in the horizone the figure hase red or whith eyes.  when the figure gets closer you get unlokie and lose your loved ones. then you have enof and go closer to the figure. the figure smiles and tels you who he is it says "im you" and vanishes! the demon folows you everywhere you go. and startes to lie and tels you to kill people. know your alone in your room reading this hes watching there too but there is no way to kill it pray youl survive longer 
Hells firer

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