characters: idk when this fan game is gona come out! its been a while but it will come out. the characters are moosy, mr bonne, bonnie,freddy,chica,foxy,greedy, tails doll, (______ ______) and more  the storie is that in 2010 somoene had the idea of making a hotel for kids and adults alike. he had intelegante friends that had the latest tech to create animatronics. so they started the animatronics first! when the hotel was builded the boss comited suicide in 2011 beacose he had halicunations. of the animatronics moving by themselvs! the hotel remains open. kids died in 2014 beacose of axidents and by bieng killed by a dark animatronic! the fbi investegated in the year 2015. they fond nothing the hotel remaines open! 

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