heres is a very creepy level caled curopt the 1st  level  is with misplaced objects such as boxes and morethe bakrond is red and grey at the end its writhin who are you with untakable coins your supertux game will maybe crash after this level or beafor. the next level is stairs that goes up then goes down at the end of the staires you start walking over the edge coins are hovering over the edge then its writhin i see you in boxes. the next level hase a bakrond that your eyes have deficulties to look at the level hase some snowbals and ice cubes the name of the creater is IM CUROPTED! the other levels name is your geting closer it hase a pitch black bakrond and some displaced lava there is signs that saise RUN! the last stage is a place with desplated snow and ice and the enemies are hovering at the end of the level it will be writhin im bihinde. then your computer will be heunted by curopted.

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