one day when i played club pingouin there was that yetie named tusk? when i was difeting him he did the finger no joke but when i finished the batle a new cp news was in i cliked on itthere was gary without his glases? his eyes where empty there was a text saiying hello im that epf agent now? there was zero coments when i turned the page there was that moving picture that looked like rooky? then i closed it and the buildings on the islend began to shack like in suicide mouse then there was a strang voice of someone talking the screen closed witch desconected me? i returned in the server yeti then the news changed againe? i cliked on it it said IM DED? from gary? well gary died i continued when i saw rooky on the iceberg but there was no one? i comed closer to him and he stared at me and said WANA PLAY? then i herd my pingouin chouting? i fond miself under water? there was rooky againe he said what it was to painfull? then he gaved me a candy that coud transform me into a zombie then my pingouin fell and didnt came back up two hours later he moved and there was a musique box playing there was that scremer of rookys face that was geting demonique he had red eyes then my pc crashed. now i now why did rooky freed these robots and why freed herbert it was not an axident? rooky is working for herbert so rooky is evil?

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