hello its me gtd aka tristan? i always tote that there was a spy in my scole tomorow the weather will be rainie. i saw that thing the day beafoe today it was raining and someone was folowing me he looked normal but he was with these black clothes. and he had black eyes. he smiled at me? i runed fast to the scole when i was in my class the man saw me againe! he smiled at me againe. but he said won't you join me! i said f**** you! then the guy walked away? it was diner and the elecricitie went out? then i saw a silhouet of somoene it said cmon come here! i didn't want to but something puched me towards it then the thing smiled but this time the smile was biger than it sopused to be. he puched me to a wall. the thing said you must die! then he scrached me? and i blacked out! when i woke up screames was heard! and i was still in my scole but when i saw that thing againe it looked black and he had firer all over him! but i woke up and it was the end of scole i don't want to go back to my scole

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