The life of a child is dark and realy weird! Why? Well its beacos they can see spirits for some reason! But if the child choses to use his imagenation! It coud drive him insane. Once my cousine told me about his experiences when he was a child! So his parents was in a divorce! and his father was never there for him. So a babysiter always came to babysit him! Two years later he heard a soft laugh in his livingroom! So he got out of his bed and folowed the sond! In the living room the window was opened! He was sure that it was closed by his babysiter! The soft laugh was know in his bathroom! So he got there and saw a strange doll looking like a tails doll! It was near the door. The laugh came from the doll! So my cousin talked to him! Ther was no reply. Then he said " who are you " the doll stoped lafing. And it said with a soft voice. " im your best friend right? " my cousine replied with. " i guese " the doll then had a blue gem on his head! And vanished! My cousin still hears somoene lafing with a soft voice at night! And i always see a figure looking like his babysiter but he had whith and dark eyes! And she was smiling at me.

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