after you saw jack the stalker you feel evil and you try to stab somoene! but there is something inside you that dosn't want you to do it! you want to kill that thing! but you don't want  to be insane enimore so you call god! then you hear someone walking upsters! you want to see who it is. when your upstaires you hear voices saiying i can't believe that he wants to see him! Don't get close to them or you won't see the God!  continue in your romm. you will see a dead body with a crosse take it and get out! infront of you. there will be a tails doll with a blue gem! tell him this give me the dimond of life he will smile at you and give you a green gem take it and everithing will be normal againe. now you got 3 out of 3 objects to mack the final god apear?