Don't listen to the tdw they say that they killed td. But they didn't! So be carefull if you wish to summon him. Ok so the creepypasta is coming soon. Ok so here's the creepy pasta so one month earlier mark found a tails doll lying on the ground Mark: what is this doing on the ground it's a new doll so why! He thought. He saw a red gem on its head but he didn't care that much. So he brings it home and he got to bed. He woke up at midnight! The doll vanished! Mark: where the hell is he. He heard a little girl singing can you feel the sunshine He started to shake in fear! He took a kitchen knife and he was hiding. The lights went off mark: oh god why? He saw the tails doll floating in mid air! The tails doll looked at him and said wanna play with me! Mark ran as fast as he could but he was stuck in the bathroom! He screamed but the tails doll covered his mouth! He then scratched mark with his claws *Mark screamed* the tails doll then removed his heart and took his soul. Some people hear mark screaming in the night sometimes but he was never seen again.n again.

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