I lost my good friend matt kyle! He died you wana know how? K you got it! So me and my friend made our very first game in sega's studio. It was about sonic. Matt looked at me with a sad expresion sometimes! But i didn't care much. When matt finished the game he started screaming and shot himself! I wasn't there in time! He finished the game the bullet pased true his head! Blood was all over the chaire he was siting on! I got the game into a game and saw the name. Sega.wmv! I forgot to change the name but whatever! So i tried the game. It started with a dark backrond! There were no sonds! Sonics animation was the same! But the title was sega.exe. I presed start. The title screen faded and there was a character select! I was comfused! My friend never does typos so i thought it was odd! And I thought this was an old sonic game. Not sonic adventures dx!

Sega.wmv title screen

I was playing on my exbox . Yes it is an exbox 360 game! But whatever so i chose sonic and it began. Sonic looked ingry! He looked at me. A text box apeared i think sonic was speking " it is time for the new era" wth i didn't get! Then sonic smiled and said " wana meet your friend " the game was slower and a red picture of my dead friend was shown! He was mising his eyes and was bleeding from his mouth! The picture was folowed by boy screames! The game got in the character selection screen but sonic vanished the backrond changed to firer!

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